Below are descriptions of the different types of reports and applications that can be made on behalf of a holder. If you have already submitted unclaimed property and/or applications, you may go directly to Manage Holder Submissions to view them by selecting the appropriate option below.
Select one option below:

Report Unclaimed Property

  • Regular Report: Holder wants to report unclaimed property.
  • Voluntary Delivery: Holder holds property that became unclaimed before the Unclaimed Property Act came into effect and wants to report it.
  • Holder of Small Amounts: Holder no longer qualifies for the exclusion of small amounts.

Make an Application

  • Late Delivery: Holder held unclaimed property on December 31 but did not report it by March 31.
  • Early Delivery: Holder wants to deliver property before it is considered unclaimed.
  • Exemption: Holder wants to apply for an exemption from the Unclaimed Property Act.
  • Refund: Holder wants to apply for a refund.

Manage Holder Submissions

  • Review unclaimed property reports and applications.